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Maze For Professionals

The MAZE is a unique approach, which offers an insight into how children with additional needs experience the world around them.


Specifically, the MAZE Approach examines these 3 key areas of difficulty for additional needs:


• Sensory Processing Difficulties that 95% of ASD children experience and that can explain many unusual or challenging behaviours.


• Communication difficulties that the children experience, which are often not detected even if they present with functional, fluent speech.


• Social Understanding and an exploration of how an impaired ability to make social sense of situations leads to social difficulties, with a focus on the value of Social Stories.




With a renewed insight into the perspective of your child, you will be able to:


Understand how your child is affected by his/her additional needs, and why they present in the way they do.


Unpick challenging behaviours and explore how to replace these with functional skills.


Explore how to improve emotional well-being and promote self-esteem.


Understand how to secure good educational provision and access to services for your child.


Share experiences with other parents of children with additional needs.


*Please note that this course is for parents and we cannot accomodate children at the weekly group.




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The Training we offer illustrates how children with additional needs  experience the world around them. This helps to determine the positive strategies that will be the most effective.




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Meet other Parents for a Coffee

We hold regular Coffee Mornings throughout North East Essex. Pop along and have a chat with other Parents and our specialists....


Sue Anderton - Maze Founder

The MAZE Approach For primary and secondary schools

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