For Parents

A Parent’s Guide
to Services in North East Essex

The purpose of this directory is for parents to provide other parents with information about SEND services and organisations available to them in North East Essex. This directory will be updated termly, so if you have any comments on the services, if you would like to recommend a service that you have used or if you provide a service and would like to be included, please contact us via email at: [email protected]

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A Parent’s Guide
to COVID-19 and Mental Health

During times of stress and crisis, it is common for children to seek more attachment and be more demanding on parents. Discuss COVID-19 with your children using honest and age appropriate way. If your children have concerns, addressing those together may ease their anxiety. Children will observe adults’ behaviours and emotions for cues on how to manage their own emotions during difficult times.

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what we do..

The MAZE is a structured specialist 12-week programme (10 weeks online) for parents/carers of children and young people with any kind of additional needs (with or without a diagnosis).

There are several visiting professionals from health, education and independent organisations who join us to deliver specialist sessions on a range of topics such as sensory processing difficulties, resilience, behaviour and anger management, continence, sleep, diet/eating, therapeutic interventions and mental health. A key strength of our programme and approach is the multi-agency collaboration, with ongoing support by trained, experienced Parent Mentors.

On completion of the course and the evaluation of it, parents/carers report a marked improvement in their relationship with their child, an improvement in their ability to understand their child’s needs and a calmer home life. Parents/carers rate the parenting programme very highly in meeting their needs and expectations.

There are MAZE Groups running each term, which are fully funded by the NHS are therefore free to parents/carers. If you are interested in the course, please complete the Online Booking Form below.

PO Box 1035, Bentley, Ipswich, IP9 2WL

You are welcome to join our group for parents of children with any kind of additional need

We offer Specialised Advice & Support in:

Sensory Processing Difficulties – Communication Strategies – Understanding Social Awareness – Lifestyle Issues (sleep, continence, diet) – Functional Behaviour Analysis – Behaviour Management (using positive strategies) – Positive Family Relationships – Building Resilience – Planning for the Future – Attention and Listening Skills – Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health

Week 1: Introductions

Week 2: Sensory processing difficulties

Week 3: Sensory processing / attention and listening skills

Week 4: Communication

Week 5: Social communication and social understanding

Week 6: Diet, continence and sleeping

Week 7: The SEND process

Week 8: Emotional well-being and mental health

Week 9: Positive family relationships and managing behavioural challenges

Week 10: My child’s development

Week 11: What about me?

Week 12: Conclusions

There is no face-to-face Programme currently available, but we are reviewing when these may be able to commence

Tuesday AM


Starts 15 June 2021 for 10 weeks (last session 17 August 2021).  Online Programme via Zoom.

Visit Learning Materials Tab to book or email [email protected]

Tuesday PM


starts Tuesday 11th January for 10 weeks (last session 15th March 2022)

Tuesday PM


Starts 7 September 2021 for 10 weeks (last session 9 November 2021).  Online Programme via Zoom.

Visit Learning Materials Tab to book or email [email protected]

Wednesday AM


starts Wednesday 12th January for 10 weeks (last session 16th March 2022)

Clacton groups (face-to-face) to be confirmed.