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The Maze Approach




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To meeting the needs of Pupils with SEN

What the Professionals Say...




"A very interesting course which has given me a better insight into how ASD children approach our world and lots of useful strategies that can be incorporated into school life and to support parents, thank you."


"The physiological background behind ASD has given me a really good understanding."


"The training has given me a better understanding of what children with ASD experience and some great strategies to help them overcome difficulties."


"Excellent course, very informative."

The MAZE Approach

To meeting the needs of pupils with Additional Needs

The MAZE is a unique approach, which offers an insight into how children with additional needs experience the world around them.  This training illustrates how pupils with additional needs experience school, which helps to provide information about why they present in the way that they do.

Specifically, the MAZE Approach examines these 3 key areas of difficulty for SEN pupils:


• Sensory Processing Difficulties that 95% of ASD children experience and that can explain many unusual or challenging behaviours

•Communication difficulties that the children experience, which are often not detected even if pupils present with functional, fluent speech

•Social Understanding and an exploration of how an impaired ability to make social sense of situations leads to social difficulties, with a focus on the value of Social Stories ™


With a renewed insight into the perspective of the pupils, the training will:


Unpick challenging behaviours and explore how to replace these with functional skills

Explore how to improve emotional well-being and promote self-esteem

Identify how to differentiate lesson planning to take account of SEN learners and achieve good pupil progress that can be sustained

Share experience on engaging positively with parents of SEN children and how to work together with a shared perspective on aims and outcomes.


This training is delivered by:


Sue Anderton, Director of the MAZE Group and author of the MAZE approach, who has 30 years experience of working with ASD children and families.

Dr Siobhan Timmins, the sole trainer of Social Stories™ approved by Carol Gray in Essex.


The training can be delivered as an in depth training of 18 hours spread throughout the year, a1 day training, 3 x 2hour twilight sessions or in another way which will suit your school’s needs.  Access to and advice from the other professionals who regularly contribute to the MAZE Specialist Parenting Programme can also be included on request in order to provide a bespoke training.   These may include: Specialist Mental Health Practitioner,  Families in Focus, Autism Anglia.


For more information contact Sue Anderton at:

[email protected]


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