“MAZE course made me see the world through my children’s eyes which helped both them and me. Ive met some amazing people and truly believe MAZE has made me a better mother. As a family we could never thank you enough.”
“MAZE has helped me to know what my daughter’s rights are and how to help her fight for them. MAZE has helped us as a family to stay connected. I have learnt so much from this group and the MAZE course. Thank you so much xx”
“MAZE helped me think from a different perspective other than my own. Mal says I’m his safe space and it helped me keep it that way.”

“Just finished the MAZE course this week. In the last twelve weeks, I’ve learnt so much which I know will help me to understand my son and be more supportive to him. Not only did it make me a better mum it made me realise how lucky I am to have such a special, amazing son in my life.

All the volunteer supporters have been incredibly helpful and I will miss the new friends that I made on the course.

Will be trying to attend the coffee mornings in Colchester and Harwich where possible. Would like to volunteer with MAZE and give some of my time back to help other families like mine.

Thank you again – Debbie White”

“The MAZE Course was a real eye opener and to be around other parents that were going through the same as me was a massive comfort.”

“I am on my second MAZE course now and still learning new tactics from other parents/carers alike.”

“The support is fantastic and I made some great friends too. Also they had lots of Specialists on certain weeks which was really helpful, whether it be about helping with DLA, sleeping problems or how to interact with your child.

“If you have a child on the spectrum or think your child might be, then please don’t hesitate, it`s been life changing. Thank you MAZE, you have been a lifeline (and the cakes are pretty good too!).”

“After attending the MAZE course, I feel I understand my children a bit better. Along with the understanding, implementing suggestions has helped turn this house from a war zone every day to a slightly (we’re still working on it!) more harmonious family. I’ve noticed a change in the whole family, and it’s thanks to MAZE.
This was rather unheard of a year ago, instead of hugging arms, it’d be hands round necks!


“MAZE course has helped me understand my children and their needs. I have met some lovely people who understand what I’m going through and have made some new friends”
“MAZE helped me and my daughter so much! The help and information I received at every session gave me the knowledge, understanding and confidence to help my daughter! The support carries on after the course! I am so grateful to you all!”
“MAZE has taught me how to see things more from Jake’s perspective. The time delay from when I ask Jake a question to when he answers, I now understand and by attending the Course I have also made some lovely new friends xx”

“MAZE Says is amazing because before I was told about it I was struggling soooo badly with my son and his meltdowns, I too have mental health illness so I found it difficult to understand him and we just kept clashing arguing and fighting !!

But since the MAZE course and a lot of support from Sue and the lovely people that run the courses and coffee mornings, I’ve grown to realise that all the negative things others were saying about my child were wrong. I also have a wonderful loving partner who understands me and my son Alex’s needs and I’m finally getting somewhere with the diagnosis and help I’ve needed and been fighting for since he was 2 .

I cannot thank Sue and the team enough and also for giving me the opportunity to meet some wonderful mothers who are so much like myself in struggling to understand at times. I’m more understanding and less angry; I still have moments where I do lose it but not so bad as I did before MAZE. Love you guys x”

“Posting a photo of the whole family not only has it helped us understand Andy more, but I’ve been able to relay what I have learnt back to my husband and the rest of our families.
Also the course has helped us with our eldest Callum with his high anxiety and of course on top of that it’s hard work being a sibling to a special needs child. So he needs tons of support and involvement.

I have done the course twice now and both times I have been able to ask visiting experts questions that I wouldn’t have normally have had access too, as well as speaking with other parents, gaining tips and advice as well as sharing my own tips and ideas. It really is a fantastic course and I always recommend it to friends who I think could benefit from it. Well Done MAZE Team!”

“I came to MAZE four years ago just after my son had been diagnosed as being on the Autistic spectrum. It was a scary time for me and I felt overwhelmed with uncertainty of what the future would be like for my special boy. I learnt so much from Sue and her team, but also meeting other parents in my situation made me feel like I’m not alone. I still keep in touch with a lot of people I met through my course and have seen my now 11 yr old son grow and mature into a great kid who is confident and more comfortable in his place in the world. There have been ups and downs along the way but the MAZE group gave me the skills and techniques I needed to help him and we learn together every day. Thank you Sue and thank you to all you wonderful parents out there. You are all doing a great job. Xx”

“MAZE simply changed my little family’s life. Gave me tools to use, practical and emotional advice, guided me through whilst gently holding my hand so to speak.

Warm, supportive, educational x”

“MAZE taught me I’m not mad to think that there is something different about my son and it has made me fight harder to get him the help he so badly needs”
“I did the MAZE course whilst I was pregnant with the little one. I found it helped put into easily understandable language to be able to explain autism to my friends and family. It helped understand why my son Mikey behaves the way he does and how he may be feeling. It also gave me real life experiences from others and new friends too. And for the last 10 months he has been an amazing big brother to Dexter”
“These are my boys both with autism. The MAZE Group has taught us that’s it’s ok to fight for acceptance from others but at the same time it’s ok to accept that some don’t know how to acknowledge we need a little more understanding. Thanks MAZE x”

“MAZE taught me how to enter Ashas world, I no longer feel like I’m living with a stranger, instead I’m loving my daughter, and feel confident enough to fight for what she needs and to be her voice x!”

“The MAZE course has changed my life in so many ways, I was so overwrought when I started but each week I learnt a new skill to make my daughter’s lives easier, by the end of the course I was strengthened and back in control of each day. I learnt to speak my children’s love language so I could enter into their bubble rather than make them adapt to my ways, I also gained some wonderful friends. Thank you.”
“It’s easy to be really critical and hard on yourself as a parent, but when you have a child diagnosed with a condition you haven’t got a full understanding of let alone how to help them its overwhelming! You can feel like your letting your whole family down as you can’t give them what you think they need. MAZE cleared the fog so to speak. Not only did it help us to understand our sons condition, they were completely un-judgmental and gave us the positivity to see things from a different perspective and move forward. It’s helped me and my family no end. Thank you MAZE”

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