Neurodiverse Parent Support

Our aims

At MAZE, we understand that parents and carers may be wondering about whether they are neurodiverse or may already have confirmation of a neurodiverse condition. We aim to help this population of parents/carers by providing information and specialist support.  We can also help to make connections with other adults who may think and experience the world in a similar way. Some of the topics which may be explored include:

· What are the main symptoms/presentations for Autism or ADHD in adults?

· What do I need to do if I am interested in finding out about an assessment and a potential diagnosis?

· Why is self-regulation important? What is containment?

· What are reasonable adaptations? Do I need to tell other people about my diagnosis?

We aim to work together to support neurodiverse adults and find positive ways to move forwards.  Our team of specialist practitioners are available at our coffee mornings in Colchester, Harwich and Mistley for a 1-1 conversation and they also attend our MAZE Specialist Parenting Programme sessions, so that you can meet them and have the chance and time to talk and be heard.  We can also organise a group meeting for those wishing to connect with other neurodiverse adults in a safe space and predictable environment.

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We have free monthly drop in sessions, a specialist weekly programme and additional workshops to guide, advise and support you for as long as you need us.