SEND Video Series

We are pleased to share with you a series of videos that explain SEND Support.

SEND Support is the term used to describe the support provided to a child/young person with additional needs, which is over and above the support made ordinarily available for all other children in a nursery, school, or college – their education setting.
We begin with a video that explains the first steps to take if you notice that your child is developing differently to how you had expected. This is followed by a range of information about how to access support for yourself along with an explanation of the graduated approach to SEND support in education settings.
You can watch the whole series or just dip into watch the videos that are relevant to the current level of SEND Support you are interested in. The videos are:
  1. First steps to take with your child with additional needs
  2. Coffee mornings
  3. SEND Support and One Page Profile
  4. One planning
  5. Individual Pupil Resource Allocation (IPRA funding)
  6. Applying for an Education Health Care Needs Assessment (EHCNA)
  7. How to appeal
  8. Appealing a decision to refuse to undertake the EHCNA
  9. The Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) process
  10. Appealing the decision to refuse to issue an EHCP
  11. Appealing the contents of the EHCP
  12. Appealing the Section I of the EHCP (school placement)
  13. The Annual Review process
  14. What happens if the school placement isn’t working?
  15. Transferring into Post 16 provision
  16. Appealing the local authority’s decision to cease to maintain an EHCP

We hope you find these videos informative and that they enable you to secure the most appropriate level of SEND support for your child/young person.


If you need more information or support, there is plenty of help available in person at any of our local coffee mornings, where anyone is welcome to drop in at any time to speak to our experienced team.

Free for parents/carers whose GP surgeries are located inside North-East Essex.
£50 for parents/carers whose GP surgeries are located outside of North-East Essex.

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